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About Sympoz

We strive to provide the best education, supplies and inspiration for passionate makers. Our innovative, online platform enables students to learn at their own pace with easy-to-follow HD video lessons they can access on their computers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere, forever. Each of our classes is carefully curated to provide the most engaging experience, and our expert instructors are the foremost authorities in their fields.

Headquartered in the start-up hub of Denver, Colorado, we enjoy all the lifestyle benefits our city and the nearby mountains have to offer!

Our Founding Team

Sympoz leadership is committed to fostering an open, honest and hard-working company culture.

John Levisay

John Levisay | Founder & CEO

Josh Scott

Josh Scott | Founder & COO

Todd Tobin

Todd Tobin | Founder & CTO

Bret Hanna | Founder & VP of Engineering

Craftsy, the artist formerly known as Sympoz

Sympoz was launched in early 2010 by four tech guys who wanted to create an innovative approach to online learning. Their first few months were spent building a video player that would deliver the kind of in-class experience they dreamed of, and testing class topics like wine tasting and economics (though not together), before John's mom, an avid quilter, suggested offering instruction in quilting.

As is true with most motherly advice, John's mom was spot-on, and based on the growing popularity of their quilting classes, Craftsy was born in May of 2011 providing unlimited access to expert instruction and high-quality, interactive video classrooms. Craftsy now offers hundreds of online classes to millions of members, in categories like quilting, knitting, cake decorating and art, with new offerings added each week.

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Sympoz Inc., 999 18th St., Suite 240, Denver, CO 80202

Have questions or comments about your Craftsy experience? Let's hear 'em. Visit the Craftsy Help Center or fill out our online support form and we'll send you a solution quickly.

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